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Connect with a Horse and
it will change your Life.

Conversations with Horses:


My Horse Code® guides you on an exciting, new, revolutionary journey to knowledge, clarity, authenticity, and leadership qualities, starting from the very first day.


Horse Code Programs:

– Acting like partners

– Learn important basics
– Experience confidence and deep understanding

– Develop a calm, responsive, and sentient partnership


Proven for over 25 years we enhance all equestrian-related interactions and train expert skills and powerful natural horsemanship.


1. Follow Closely Workshops, will teach you the Principles of Natural Horsemanship, using authentic horse language to

be more effective and respectful.


2. Herd Power Workshops will teach you the verbal techniques and nonverbal body language that allows you to work more effectively with any kind of dominant people and animals, set boundaries, and guide yourself through life.

3. Beyond Words Workshops connect you with the healing power of the horses to find your true Self.

“Experience a unique


“Be inspiring, confident,

and authentic.”

“Meet your Self and

heal yourself.”

Follow Closely
Workshop: Natural Horsemanship: I, II, III


Equine Assisted Horsemanship:

Learn how to develop a deep, trusting connection with a horse. Solve your horses' connection issues, work and play together. Discover the Horse Code to train for any skill imaginable without using violence and learn the Power of Timing, Empathy, Awareness, Comfort, Release and Responsive Answers.



Equine Assisted Leadership:

A nature-based approach to leadership — and life. One to two-day clinics developing personal growth, healing, learning authenticity, goal setting, self-confidence, assertiveness, setting boundaries, socializing, emotional fitness, nonverbal communication, awareness, conflict resolution, and leadership presence.

Herd Power
Workshop: Natural
Leadership I, II, III
Beyond Words
Inner Power: I, II, III


Equine Assisted Emotional Development:
This workshop is teaching you how to communicate with horses and finding your True Self and Inner Stillness. Everyone in the workshop consistently experiences incredible “wow” moments when they realize how body language and raising energy affect
social interactions, confidence, and relationships.

Natural Horsemanship

Experience the art of

mastering your own awareness, energy, and timing, and form

this into a unique trustful connection and relationship

with a horse.

Natural Leadership

Experience the art of

mastering your own leadership actions, fears, cohesiveness, emotional power, and how

to turn conflicts

into resolutions.

Inner Power

Experience the art of finding yourself, emotional growth, mindfulness, and healing traumas, through connecting with the amazing healing powers

of the horses.


Meet Hardy Lahn at the heart
of Northern California

International Horse Expert & Leadership Coach


Discover a million-year-old language: ”The Horse Code“.


Finding inner stillness and power through a wild being will open your mind. Experience how nature and especially wild horses, heal and guide us to feel the power of presence in a deeper way – and not especially for horse people.

”I come from the lost and unwanted, runaways and throwaways. My parents are rebels, my brothers are strays. We broke free and came together and for hundreds of years the strength of our draft uncles, the speed of our thoroughbred cousins, and the elegance of our Spanish sisters have formed us into the survivors. We are the ones with bone as strong as steel, hoof as thick as rock, hide tough as armor with hearts of mighty warriors.


We have been called thieves and broom tails, but we have grown to be many and we have grown to be smart. We know how to jump and cut and gallop all day. We have no pedigree or registration papers. We have been called worthless, but someday they will know that we are priceless.“


you matter


Sometimes we have to listen

to horses to understand life.


”I am a teacher and Hardy came to my classroom to talk to my young students about body language and the message that it sends.
I was thoroughly impressed with Hardy’s ability to teach students
of all ages and he does
so in such a quiet, yet powerful way.“

- Kasey

”Hardy was so quiet, so consistent, and the relaxation and acceptance from Ice was visible and incredible. Hardy went into the field with the three horses and Ice chose to follow Hardy without the lead, looking to him for guidance and comfort. Hardy took the time to explain what he was doing each step of the way in a way that make sense to the layman. I was amazed at how Hardy’s knowledge and experience were able to help my horse in such a significant way in such a short amount of time. Ice stopped acting frantic and was accepted by the other horses for the first time.“

- Olivia

”I could hug the world now! After two blacksmiths got injured by my horse, we were really concerned about how to deal with it. After working with Hardy, the blacksmith was there and everything worked! We did not have to tie up Dotty anymore and she was super relaxed. The next time with the blacksmith she stood relaxed for the first time ever and could be cut out and the filing of the hooves was easy.
I can't tell you how happy
I was after that, I was on cloud nine for the next months.“

- Elisabeth

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