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Listen quietly, follow closely, see widely, feel intensely. 


I spent my life with horses for over 30 years and more than 35 years with Branding, Leadership, Personal and Corporate Coaching in Germany, Europe, and the USA.
He spent more than 10 years with the most famous Natural Horsemanship Trainers,
Spiritual Guides and Leadership Coaches all over the world, especially from the USA.
He worked amongst others with Pat Parelli, GaWaNi Ponyboy, Monty Roberts, Leslie Desmond, David Lichman, Peter Campbell, and many more.

Since 2015 I am living with my two children in Northern California. Besides my profession as
a Corporate Brand Consultant, I taught at the University of Berkeley Extension and the
Art Institute of San Francisco. In Europe, my and my horse work are published in the
biggest Horse Magazines. I worked with Wild Horses in Tuscany/Italy, Montana,
and California. As a Wild Mustang Trainer in California, I am helping people to find
their Soul Mustang through the Mustang Heritage Foundation and the Bureau of
Land Management (BLM).


“Clarity, Focus, Authenticity and Inner Balance
are the keys to our True Self and unlocking the secrets

to the wisdom of the horses.”

In my books, coaching, seminars, and clinics I communicate my messages in a simple, understandable way and with ideas that can be immediately used in practice.

”If you come to a horse with nothing more than your empty hands
and ask what you should give, the answer is:  Throw it all away.”


The Horsecode:

Life changing secrets

from the horses.

"After my exercises, it happened. I turned away from my horse, Neo. He kept his distance and I started to run faster – and he did too. I ran and so did he. Maybe it sounds strange, but I knew that he would follow me – I just felt it. He always kept a respectful distance. He ran around me and when I changed sides he did it too! It was like dancing! Something flashed through me... I don't know what it was, but for a short moment, I had the feeling that Neo and I were talking to each other for the first time. It touched me so much as if the world stopped for a magic moment."

Tanja (Munich, Germany)

The Horse Code provides riveting examples of how connecting with horses has become for me the most effective, cutting-edge method of training, communicating, and healing. So often traditional horsemanship and all kinds of therapies fail. The experiences you’ll take away from this beautiful program of connecting with horses between two sentient beings will stay with you for a long time. And it will open a door to healing for you or someone you love. I made this my life work and it´s my calling.

This magic Way to the Horses is the result of many years of my dedicated research on the healing power of horses… a special type of horsepower. This remarkable interaction between a horse and a human provides a great opportunity for personal change, connecting, understanding, and healing. It inspires me and further encourages those who need a deeper kind of connection to find the dramatic beneficial effects as well as the elation and spirit derived from being with horses.


Mission & Values

I don’t settle for anything less than being outstanding, and 
I have the courage to question myself, and I am always looking for different solutions.

I am dedicated to making complex processes much more simple 
and sustainable.

I believe that Clarity, Passion, and Knowledge can overcome almost any challenge and let us grow.

Being Authentic is an ongoing process of self-awareness that goes far beyond perceiving actions.

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