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Inner Power: Beyond Words I

Find your Inner Power and Silence

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Service Description

Experience the art of finding your Self, emotional growth, mindfulness, healing traumas, awareness, through connecting with the amazing healing powers of horses. This workshop is teaching you how to communicate with horses and finding your True Self and Inner Stillness. Everyone in the workshop consistently experiences incredible “wow” moments when they realize how body language and raising energy affect social interactions, confidence, and relationships.
 Equine Assisted Emotional Development: 
#Relationship, #Emotional Fitness, #Mindfulness, #Inner Stillness, #Personal Empowerment, #Energy Healing, #Authentic Community Building, #Intuition, #Interspecies communication. Horses are teaching us to be our best selves and to find out who we truly are. Interacting emotionally with horses improves overall well-being, self-esteem, and self-confidence in people suffering from social anxiety, panic disorders, phobias, and substance addiction. It will encourage the development of perseverance, respect for all living beings, maintenance of a positive attitude, and empathy. All of us who have problems engaging in meaningful relationships get to enjoy the deep satisfaction of bonding with a sentient herd being. Equine-Assisted Emotional Development promotes the ability for people to engage in meditation and mindfulness by reinforcing their capacity to focus on something other than themselves. Experience the Secrets of the Horses to: – Find Inner Stillness – Meet your True Self – Let Fear go – Heal Traumas – Connect body/mind/spirit – Develop a heightened sense of conscious awareness (for any kind of relationships) – Find a balance between your Ego and your true Self – Find out through the horses your own body language

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  • Northern California, Kalifornien, USA

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