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There is no wisdom greater than that between a horse and an attentive human being. 

In my work with domestic and especially wild horses, I experienced very different people, horses, and all kinds of issues and unfulfilled unhappy relationships, fear, anger, and traumas. My journey guided me to the main question: What is the secret to overcoming our main obstacles in life? On this unique journey, I found the secret behind all these encounters by learning from horses and finally found the answers in finding the Horse Code. The Horse Code was there forever but needed to be awakened.


“Horses speak a special language.


A language built in silence,
empathy, and authenticity


A horse is teaching us by seven stages:

1. Sit down in SILENCE

2. Try to find a CONNECTION with the horse

3. REFLECT what you feel

5. REPEAT the process to go deeper

6. EXPERIENCE what you found

7. Find your own WISDOM

These stages are connecting you to the Horse Code. From a distance, it may look like we are "mind-reading," and that there is a secret connection. Anyone who connects to horses can learn to tune into this unique form of nonverbal, and authentic communication. It may take some time and awareness. A deeper understanding of the language of horses will improve your horsemanship skills. Your leadership skills will reach a higher level as well as the connection to your inner Self. You'll be able to read your horse more clearly and connect to more powerful relationships.

“How beautiful it is to meet

someone who asks for
nothing but your company.”


The Wild Horses Guide to Power and Inner Stillness – Finding Happiness
What do we really want to experience with our horses? Maybe it´s not about the best-riding horse, the more obedient horse, the well-behaved horse, or a tournament winner. It´s another level that´s not based on simple benefits. It´s this level of a deeper outcome – a trustful connection with another sentient being that will give you the most rewarding gift: Connection, happiness, and deep satisfaction.

All horses can step into a trailer, walk over tarps, jump over obstacles, and lift a leg for the farrier. But why do we have to “teach” them this with different methods, whips, flags, and carrots? Because they do not do it when we want them to do it. It doesn´t make sense for them just because we want them to do it. On the other hand, I´ve never seen a leading mare has to teach others how to cross a river and make them follow her. They do it for the only reasons that really matter: Trust, Connection, and Love. It´s the belief that it makes sense for all of them. Trust is earned when everyone is allowed to ask questions at any time and get honest answers and feel the power of a real leader.

The Horse Code is so simple and natural and that makes it difficult to use. Horses are always living the ”Power of Now". Only we´re making it so complicated because we lost the ability to connect to nature and live simple principles.

IMG_7873wildhor5ses reno.jpg

Meeting two wild mustang stallions at the Washoe Valley.
Magic moments with these untouched wild horses.

Experience Authentic Relationships
The Horse Code is not an invention – I found it. It´s the method behind all the methods of all the different horsemen and authentic leaders. All herd animals are living it naturally. I can teach it, but then everybody has to experience it by himself. Everyone using it will experience the joy of connecting with a horse and also find deeper relationships with humans too. Horses and humans living in this connection can be recognized easily. They look straight into your eyes and connect with your Inner Self.

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